Loco Love Chocolate

Guilty free chocolate with health benefits

Single Chocolates

Wild Rose GanacheWild Rose Ganache
Smooth Orange Ganache
Peanut Butter Caramel
Coconut and Cashew
Salted Caramel Crunch
Hazelnut Praline
Black Cherry Raspberry
Butter Caramel Pecan

Twin Chocolates

Wild Rose Ganache Twin
Hazelnut Praline Twin
Butter Caramel Pecan Twin

Large Chocolate 

66% Peruvian Cacao Block
Lover's Box
Holy Cocoa


Ingredients & Nutritional Information

Are your chocolates gluten free and dairy free?

YES! All our chocolates are gluten and dairy free. However, as a precaution we state that our products may contain traces of milk due to some of our ingredients sharing equipment.

Where does you caco come from?

We source our cacao from small farms in Peru (occasionally Ecuador and Guatemala), it is labeled as a raw, organic and fair trade product. We will only ever use the best cacao in our chocolates.

What is your chocolate sweetened with?

We use organic coconut blossom sugar and nectar and believe that this is a superior sweetener to cane sugar. We also use organic brown rice syrup in a few flavours and organic dates in our Salt Caramel Crunch. All of these are naturally derived and our bars contain no artificial sweeteners. 

Are your chocolates vegan?

YES all our bars are vegan, excluding the Wild Rose with Pearl and Goji.

What are tonic herbs?

Tonic herbs are extracted plant material that are used to restore the body, support the immune system and support overall well-being. Tonic herbs also may support strength, endurance, fertility, immune function, vitality, energy and more.

Why don't you us Xylitol or Erythriol?

We choose not to use weird sweetener ( we are well aware of them all) though we don't feel comfortable consuming or creating such an artificial food. Chocolate is a sweet food to be eaten in moderation, we know that we would rather eat natural sugar from a plant, then from one that has been created artificially in a lab. Erythriol was discovered as a bi prochice from a cleaning company in Japan.