Holy Cocoa
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Holy Cocoa

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Holy Cocoa Powder 150g

Our certified organic and Fair Trade Criello Caco is grown on sustainable small farms in Peru and comes to you with rich flavour. 

Our Mushrooms are certified organic fruiting bodies grown naturally in pristine environments. They are hand harvested and sun-dried. Our mushrooms are free from grains, starch and mycelium, scientifically analysed and tested and contain measurable amounts of beta - glucans 

"You will taste and feel the difference" 


Increased energy, mental focus, mood improvement, general enhancement of well being and vitality, with a focus on strengthening the immune and nervous system. 


Make the ordinary extraordinary with a holy Cacao ritual. Add 2 teaspoons to 200ml of hot milk in a blender, add a sweetener of choice and blend on high. Sprinkle on ice - cream, stir into coffee or spike your muffins, brownies, granola and bliss balls to awaken total vitality. 

Relax sit back and sip in reverence for natures magical gift that is cacao - you deserve it. 


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