The Beauty Lounge Gossip

In our small country town, we often get from our clients that they don’t get to come in as often as they would like, which made us think… why are we not sharing our passion and knowledge of the beauty industry to you at home?

If you have been to our salon you know that we have such great times on our waiting couch. We give advice on this couch, have our staff meetings, braining storming, events, training and of course getting to meet fabulous clients. If this couch could talk it would be full of beauty knowledge.

So Ta-Da!!! Welcome to our Shea Beauty Blog – “The Beauty Lounge Gossip”. A blog that you can come to at any time with tips, trends, facts, product knowledge and more. YAY!

We would love to educate our clients with simple small changes that can be made at home, at work, on the farm or simply just in your nightly routine, making a huge difference in a more healthier and younger looking you.

We would love to know some topics and questions you have always wanted answered.

So get comfortable and keep up with all our Beauty Lounge Gossip.