Our Story

Learn about us and our philosophy

The Beginning

At the very start, Brooke - Founder of Shea Beauty, started her studies in the beauty industry amazed how beauty therapist can recreate, restore and repair the skin. Brooke suffered from acne at an early age and was always curious how the magic happened and so she studied her diploma. Working for other salons Brooke always found a gap in the market, believing the power of scent can change a mood, the right peace can clear the mind, with the correct foods the body can be fully be nourished and with the powerful skincare and treatments the outer beauty would be enhanced. In 2013 Brooke moved back home to her country little town, St George and started a home salon, catering for friends and family.

Within 5 months the word got out and got a little busy for just a little room. Brooke and her husband Lucas brought a cute little shop in the centre of St George and renovated the shop back to its original charm. Brooke re-open the salon with her mum Sharon on the 1 December 2013 . The salon is growing every day with the support of the local community.

" I still have to pinch myself that the salon exist in our small country town. It never would of happened without the support of the town. From this, I have believed in supporting other locals by stocking in the very best of Australian Brands. We might be small but supporting Australian brands will encourage our country to flourish. " - Brooke

" I adore our little town and our beautiful clients in it. Without their support Shea Beauty wouldn't be alive the way it is. Brooke and I are so blessed with the team we have. We call them our family, working along side of each other every day makes our job fun and enjoyable." - Sharon  

Our Philosophy

We don't believe in trends and fads, we just simply believe in having a balance. 

"Clear, Nourish & Enhance"  

At Shea Beauty - The Skin & Beauty Clinic, we pride ourselves in clearing your mind, nourishing your body from within & enhancing the outer beauty. We believe beauty is a feeling, a feeling from within. Let us unlock this beauty within you with the balance of 3 elements... your mind, your body and your outer beauty. Having the balance of these 3 elements will not only amaze you with your outer beauty results but you will wake up every day with a better mind set, a body that will be full of energy and just simply a more beautiful healthier true you. We have combine our knowledge from all 3 to give you advanced clinical care in salon and wisdom to provide you for self-care.  

"Your outer beauty is a mirror of what is happening within. Do you like what you see?"- Shea Beauty  

Our Brands

Everything in our salon has a purpose and have done our research to bring you not only the best product out on the market but affordable too. We pride ourselves in NOT being saleswomen but with the right education to the right client we hope to make a difference not only in the salon but from your home too.  Browse our amazing brands to help understand their purpose in the salon. 

GLYMEDPLUS Skincare - Based in Concord California - USA Pharmacetiucal grade, award winning skincare that is designed to help properly care and maintain optimum skin health. GlymedPlus is use in our state-of-the-art facial treatments and for our clients who are after serious results.

YUVA Skincare - Based in Brisbane Queensland - Australia Yuva is our natural yet still professional skin care range. Use in our Natural Facial treatments and for our clients wanting to bring back their natural glow.

Eco Tan & Eco by Sonya Skin, Body & Tan - Based in Bondi NSW - Australia Multi-award winning skin, body & tan care range. Proudly certified organic providing natural products with amazing results. Great for clients wanting something natural but effective. 

THE BEAUTY CHEF - Based in Bondi NSW - Australia The Beauty Chef is our inner beauty health range. Design to help nourish the body from within and target skin and body concerns. Great for clients who love to cook but making it easy for those who live a busy lifestyle. 

GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES & CIRCA HOME - Based in Melbourne VIC - Australia  We believe in the power of scent. A fragrance that can boost your mood, escape you to a memory or to feel free. We believe every home should have a scent that will help clear the mind and bring happiness to their home.

NAPOLEON PERDIS makeup - Based in Sydney NSW - Australia Have confidence in your self. Create a masterpiece for a night out, to hide a blemish, to wear as a uniform or to simply enhance your natural looks, Napoleon Perdis is here to get your confidence back.

BONDI SANDS tan- Based in Bondi NSW - Australia  Bondi Sands Tan is about sand, sea, sun and all that comes with it. Bringing your glow back, evening out skin tone and just simply bringing warmth back into your skin. Bondi Sands is for those who want to rock their bikini or just to be able to slip on a dress and look flawless. 

SALT BY HENDRIX - Based in Byron Bay - Australia  It's natural skincare for your body. using the finest of organic ingredients to nourish and restore the skin from home. Enjoy milk cocosoak bath soaks, body scrubs, body oils, your beauty tools and more.

Body Blendz - Based in Australia  Scrub down in a natural & cruelty free coffee scrubs. From dry scrubs, cream scrubs, anti-cellulite lotions and more.