Meet the Family

Meet the Shea Beauty Family. Get to know our passions, beliefs & qualifications.
Welcome to the Shea Beauty Family
Our Shea Beauty Family specialists in the art of beauty inside and out. We believe beauty comes from within and is enhanced from without. 
Meet our family Sharon, Brooke, Courtney, Tash, Sarah, Maddie, April, Hannah & visiting staff.


Sharon Saunders

Manger Director + Shea Beauty Owner + Co-Founder

" I want our clients to feel that don't have to travel away for treatments and high-end products, ensuring they can get it here locally."

Manger Director Sharon, is well experienced in managing a business with her certificate in accounting and business. Sharon is the beating heart of the clinic managing appointments, small touches and putting our clients first. Clients feel the warmth, and joy when entering the clinic from her amazing customer care. She is our salon Mumma Bear looking after our clients and our team. Sharon is our expert in our products and will give you the best advice for the correct home-care to fit your lifestyle and concerns. She believes the little things make a difference, small changes can be life changing. She loves helping women in their walk of life, especially busy mums on the land. As a farmer's wife, mum & grandmother she knows how important it is to take time for self-care. As busy women we can put work, children, partners all before ourselves, but our mental health and wellbeing is so important. Sharon is here to spoil you. 

Courtney Spackman

Receptionist + Specialist

Courtney Spackman

Courtney came to us when she was in year 9, started as our after school fairy and now she has blossomed more than ever. While Court has had a recent break from the industry, once she heard about the opportunity to be part of the Shea Beauty family again, she jumped at the opportunity to get back into the industry and now specialised in nails, brows & tans. Court loves to provide an exclusive space for clients to feel unwind and deeply relaxed in her hands. She works tirelessly to ensuring every patient has their best experience possible every time they visit Shea Beauty.


Tash Curtis


Tash Curtis

Tash is our Queen on front. This beauty will make you feel guilt free when it comes to looking after yourself. As a mum of boys she understands the importance of looking after yourself and getting some you time. She has a wealth of knowledge helping you get the right products, gifts or simply booking the right treatment in for you. Tash heavily works behind the scenes helping with the website, socials, getting your order to you but also is incredible for making our Shea Beauty events come together. She brings nothing but joy and fun to our Shea Beauty Family and we just can't get enough of her.


Sarah Knight

Diploma Therapist + Skin Specialist

Sarah McLean

Sarah joined the Shea Beauty Family at the start of 2022, saving the ladies of St George from being deprived from skin treatments. As a skincare practitioner, Sarah aims to educate and support all her clients through their skin and wellbeing. Combining lifestyle, diets, skincare and treatments influences her care and allows your skin care programs to achieve high quality results. Sarah appreciates the diversity of her field; From relaxing organic skin rituals, all the way through to clinical dermal treatments.





April McLaren


April Mclaren

You will often see this gorgeous face pop into the salon every now and then. April, being a teacher at the high school loves beauty so much that she just has to get in the salon on weekends and school holidays. She is the goddess of the front reception, obsessed with skincare and anything beauty. Starting as a client herself, she just wanted to learn more and what way to learn than join the Shea Beauty Family. She is amazing at technology, from website designing, socials, orders and everything else we don't understand, April is our girl. Pop in and say hi, she is keen to share her beauty secrets and help you feel amazing too.



Visiting Team Members

Cosmetic Doctor

Doctor Zac Turner

Doctor Zac is our Salon Doctor. Zac comes to the clinic - Shea Beauty every year coming all the way from Sydney. Providing the best of cosmetic treatments. Giving the best advice for ageing, hormones, weight, nutrition, health & wellbeing. Featuring on the Today Show, Sunrise, The Morning Show, The Daily Edit & working along side with the most powerful health influences The Commando Steve (Coach from The Biggest Loser) he knows how important it is to always be your best & look your best. Zac is here to not only look after us but also shares the latest cosmetic treatments on the market. 


Cosmetic Nurse

Brad Whitehead

Registered Nurse Brad is our Cosmetic Injector King. Doing this full time in Brisbane and Melbourne, this man knows what he is doing. He is our main cosmetic injector coming to us every 8-12 weeks. Brad works closely with Dr Zac at Concierge Doctors and takes great pride in his services, specialising in Anti-wrinkle (Botox), Dermal Fillers, & PDO Threads. Brad loves educating and is always happy to help guide you to get the goal you are after.



Napoleon Perdis Head Creator + Makeup Artist

Nathan Kate

Visiting Makeup Artist Nathan has been with Napoleon Perdis from the start. Head Creator, Nathan helps designs, researches and creators the Napoleon Perdis products. Known for her makeup on Cindy Crawford, Hollywood starts and models for huge designers such as Alex Perry. Nathan wants to share his knowledge of the Napoleon Perdis products, show the latest trends but most of all help create the best look for you. 

* Nathan will be in our salon only once a year... if we are lucky. Don't miss his next visit when he host our wonderful Napoleon Perdis Workshops/Cocktails nights. Join our VIP List if you wish to know when our next event is. 


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