Meet the Family

Meet the Shea Beauty Family. Get to know our passions, beliefs & qualifications.
Welcome to the Shea Beauty Family

Our Shea Beauty Family specialists in the art of beauty inside and out. We believe beauty comes from within and is enhanced from without.  Meet our family, Brooke, Sharon, Hannah, Pippa, Shai, Gretel & visiting staff.


Brooke Wuersching

Shea Beauty Founder + Diploma Skin & Beauty Therapist 

" I believe every client should get the education for a healthy wellbeing. I believe it is important to have a balance of a clear mind, a nourished inner body so we can enhance the outer beauty with forever results. "

Brooke's caring and knowledgeable nature will help you feel comfortable and confident that you are in the right hands. Her approach explores the relationship between nutrition and your mental health and the impacts it makes on your everyday living and skin. You can see why she has a large loyal following.  2013 Brooke built Shea Beauty with a blend of tradition treatments, wisdom and with advance clinical touches, giving clients the best balance of clinical results with spa relaxation. With her young family of boys at home, Brooke has her little escape and comes into the clinic providing training to the team and sneaking a few treatments in for our clients.


Sharon Saunders

Manger Director + Shea Beauty Co-Owner

" I want our clients to feel that don't have to travel away for treatments and high-end products, ensuring they can get it here locally."

Manger Director Sharon, is well experienced in managing a business with her certificate in accounting and business. Sharon is the beating heart of the clinic managing appointments, small touches and putting our clients first. Clients feel the warmth, and joy when entering the clinic from her amazing customer care. She is our salon Mumma Bear looking after our clients and our team. Sharon is our expert in our products and will give you the best advice for the correct home-care to fit your lifestyle and concerns. She believes the little things make a difference, small changes can be life changing. She loves helping women in their walk of life, especially busy mums on the land. As a farmer's wife, mum & grandmother she knows how important it is to take time for self-care. As busy women we can put work, children, partners all before ourselves, but our mental health and wellbeing is so important. Sharon is here to spoil you.


Shai Emery


"Being new to town, I am very excited to be apart of the beautiful Shea Beauty team and I look forward to meeting some new people and helping everyone have an amazing experience from start to finish in our salon"

Welcoming to our clinic is bride-to-be Shai. As soon as you walk through the doors you will greeted with her gorgeous smile and hospitality. Feeling spoiled already, Shai will help educate you in all our products that will suit not only your body but also your lifestyle.  Shai is our creative bee, styling our social media, website, stock, window display, & events. Being a bride herself, Shai understands how important it is to bring your a-game when it comes to health and beauty. She will educate you on the best treatments and products that will give you an everlasting glow not just for events but in your everyday lifestyle.


Gretel Armstrong

Receptionist + Beauty Student

"quote to come... "

Say hello to our first beauty trainee, Gretel. Having such a fun in the clinic during school holidays, Gretel is now studying her Cert 3 in beauty therapy and is already loving it. She can't wait to spoil her clients even more with the power of touch. Already in the beauty game, Gretel has been on our reception educating all our clients on their skin & body care. She has a love for nails, makeup and skin and can't wait to get hands on with you.

Bringing so much joy, Gretel will make sure your stay at the clinic will be fulfilling and enjoyable. Keep an eye out for amazing discounts to support Gretel in her training in the salon.  


Visiting Team Members

Alison Benn - Masseuse

Alison specialises in our massage treatments. With her gifted hands she will melt away any tension, aches and stress away from the body. With her advanced knowledge in massage, Alison will help discover the reason for your aches and pains. She will coach you through the best treatment plan, home-care and will use the power of her magic touch, cupping and techniques to ensure you will get the best lasting results.  * Alison is in the salon every Monday & Wednesday, call/text the salon to book your appointment. 


Doctor Zac Turner - Cosmetic Doctor

Doctor Zac comes to the clinic - Shea Beauty every 2-3 months providing the best of cosmetic treatments. Giving the best advice for ageing, hormones, weight, nutrition, health & wellbeing. Featuring on the Today Show, Sunrise, The Morning Show, The Daily Edit & working along side with the most powerful health influences The Commando Steve (Coach from The Biggest Loser) he knows how important it is to always be your best & look your best. *Dr Zac is in our salon once every 3 months. Due to privacy we do not advertise his dates, however if you wish to know when he is next, join our VIP List. Call/text the salon.

Cosmetic Injector Brad - Cosmetic Nurse

Nurse Brad also comes to Shea Beauty frequently, also providing services in cosmetic treatments. Brad works closely with Dr Zac at Concierge Doctors and takes great pride in his services. 

Nathan Kake - Napoleon Perdis Head Creator & Makeup Artist

Visiting Makeup Artist Nathan has been with Napoleon Perdis from the start. Head Creator, Nathan helps designs, researches and creators the Napoleon Perdis products. Known for her makeup on Cindy Crawford, Hollywood starts and models for huge designers such as Alex Perry Nathan wants to share his knowledge of the Napoleon Perdis products, show the latest trends but most of all help create the best look for you.  * Nathan will be in our salon 2-3 times a year. Don't miss his next visit when he host our wonderful Napoleon Perdis Workshops/Cocktails nights. Join our VIP List if you wish to know when our next event is. 


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